Best Milk For Dogs – Our Top 3 Picks

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Best milk for dogs

In this buyer’s guide, we list our top picks for best milk for dogs. We narrowed our selection criteria down to milk made specifically for dogs, and intended for consumption by adult dogs.

We did not include milk that you would find at your local grocery, which are intended for human consumption. We also did not include milk replacers intended for puppies.

Our picks at glance

Can dogs drink milk?

Milk is not toxic for dogs. Whether it’s grocery store milk or milk specifically for pets, dogs can safely drink them occasionally & in small quantities without any problems.

If you plan to give your dog milk regularly, there are a couple of important issues you need to watch out for: allergies & lactose intolerance. We go into further detail on these 2 issues in our guide linked below.

If you want to give your dog milk daily, like mixing it in with his dry kibble, we recommend using milk formulated specifically for dogs. These milk products usually have lower calories and are safe to give on a daily basis, provided you stick to the recommended portions.

None of these milk products are intended to replace your dog’s meals.

Commercial dog milk

Most commercially available dog milk are powdered and made from goat’s milk. Goat milk has more protein per gram that cow’s milk and is easier to digest. Powdered milk is easier to store and is more value for your money.

While we prefer liquid (non-powdered) milk, there are currently no options widely available enough for us to recommend them.

Best milk overall

What we like

  • Emphasis on quality ingredients & processing
  • Made in the USA
  • With probiotics
  • Only 24 calories per tbsp

What we don’t like

  • The hefty price tag

Honest Kitchen’s powdered goat milk for dogs is a very popular choice among fur parents, and we can understand why. All their products are made in the USA and boast human-grade standards. On the label you’ll find some nutrition info and clear instructions on how to prepare the milk. The can it comes in is relatively small, at just 5.2oz (about 10 tablespoons).

If it’s a high-quality milk powder you’re looking for it, this one is it. It won’t come cheap but it’s worth it.

Best budget milk

What we like

  • Value for money
  • Clear instructions on the label
  • Made in the USA
  • Only 35 calories per tbsp

What we don’t like

  • No probiotics or other added supplements

Nature’s Diet milk powder is value for money. You’ll get whole cream goat milk powder and all the vitamins & minerals that naturally occur in milk. This is a no-frills milk powder, without any added supplements such as probiotics.

Includes clear instructions on how to prepare the milk. The bottle it comes in is relatively large, at 16oz (about 32 tablespoons)

New kid on the block

What we like

  • With probiotics & nutritional yeast
  • Clear instructions on the label

What we don’t like

  • New on the market

Wild Acre is a newer option in the market, released around June 2023, and as such more complete information on this product is forthcoming. Still, it’s a welcome addition as there are too few milk options available for adult dogs.

It comes in a 7oz can (about 14 tablespoons), clearly labelled with preparation instructions.

Wild Acre is more well-known for their pumpkin powder fiber supplements, which sounds like an excellent mix with the milk they now offer.

How much milk can I give my dog?

All the milk products mentioned above come with clear preparation instructions. We recommend starting at 1/2 or 1/4 of the recommended portions for the first week. Introducing milk into your dog’s diet will have some effects on his digestive system, so easing him into it is a good idea. Mildly loose stools for the first day or 2 may be normal; if it doesn’t resolve by day 3-5, your dog may be lactose intolerant.

Most of these dog milk products are low in calories, so you can use them daily and won’t have to worry too much about weight gain, if you stick to the recommended portions.

If you plan to use milk you pick up at the grocery store — whether it’s dairy milk or plant-based milk — we recommend only 2-3 tablespoons (30-45 ml) and only occasionally (not daily). Milk made for humans usually has more fat, more added sugars, and more calories.

Some fun ideas using dog milk

Use these milk powders mixed in with water, as “toppings” for your dog’s food or as frozen treats!

Most of these milk powders are instant milk, i.e. they mix quickly with water and turn into liquid milk, which is how they are intended to be used. However, you can occasionally sprinkle the powder itself on your dog’s food; this may not make his dry food easier to swallow, but it is a new element and can make the meal more stimulating.

The really fun way to use these milk powders is preparing them as instructed on the package, putting them into silicone molds, and then freezing them. Frozen treats on a hot summer day!

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